scrolling through pinterest & instagram, i have found a trend in children decor that i'm so shaped wall shelves!  typically they are used in children's room, nursery's and playrooms to add that extra fun element to the room.  they come in all shapes and sizes and can be hung or nestled on a table top that can double as a playhouse or good resting spot for some favorite children toys.  they also serve as great shelves for your miscellaneous items.  today i gathered a collection of my favorite rooms that follow this trend and i am excited to share them with you!

here are a few sources where you can buy house shelves  || one - two - three - four - five - five ||

Hi :)

Blogging has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I've always had a passion to write & share and hopefully inspire my fellow friends, but unfortunately seasons come and go and life has it's ups and downs and crazy days and ultimately life can just straight up get too busy to make time for what you enjoy doing.  When I found out that we were going to finally purchase our first home my world literally rocked - this was huge for us and I wanted to delve into it completely and make our first home buying experience special.  With buying our first home, which also happened to be a "fixer upper", I had to step back and categorize my priorities.  And unfortunately blogging got pushed to the back burner, which honestly it had to.  I was unable to juggle everything with Urban Cub and be a proactive and present mom, while also packing and working on all the logistics of getting our home move in ready.  But after months, I realized I need this - I need this space for me.  It's my little space and even though it's sat here untouchd for some time, it's mine and I am happy to be here blogging again.

Urban Cub was created as a space to inspire and I intend to continue trudging along in that direction.  Originally I focused on children's fashion and then overtime I tried to create more of a lifestyle blog - documenting our home life and photos of the kids.  I don't want to re-categorize Urban Cub, but I do want to bring more to this space than I used to.  My plan is to keep things fresh & relevant, all while keeping with my personal aesthetic.  So here are some things I am currently loving, and hope to share here!  I love interiors and design.  I love photography.  I love fashion - for mama & children.  I love the outdoors & going on adventures.  I love sharing Truth and stepping out in faith to where God is calling me.  This year we started homeschooling Everly and that has become a whole new experience for us and I'm excited to share where we are at in our journey with that.  We are also STILL in the midst of lots of renovations, which I am LOVING - making our house or home has been by far one of my favorite loves in life.  We have a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, sun room, and painting to finish, and I'm excited to show you before's and after's and our dreams for each room as we add final touches.  And last but not least, I love family & our beautiful seasons that take us on this glorious journey through life.  I hope to share bits and pieces of all of these things and possibly more throughout my time blogging and if you happen to tag along - I would love that!  :)

Half Pint Shop & NICO NICO

I've had the joy of choosing all my children's outfits since the day they were born, but recently Everly and Silas have been wanting to help in the fun of piecing their own outfits together.  Half Pint Shop is stocked with all of our favorite brands, including ones that Silas specifically loves to wear.  Silas loves animal prints, which you can find in Popupshop, bold prints, which you can find in Mini Rodini, fun tees, which you can find in Prefresh, but most of all, Silas loves to be comfy, and we always turn to Nico Nico to provide just that for him!  Season after season you can find Silas' drawers filled with our favorites from Nico Nico's current collection, so I'm super excited that Half Pint Shop is now carrying this super incredible brand - yay!!!  You will be able to find Nico Nico's latest collection available in Half Pint Shop August 24th at 8PM CST!  Can't wait!

Find this Nico Nico Phoenix Long John at the launch!